The HELP Program

The HELP Program was established in 2007 by Marianist Brother Mike Murphy.  The goal of the Help Program is to provide services that support returning citizens by offering mentoring, social justice advocacy, as well as job training and other resources.

The target group of the HELP Program is young men ages 18-30 years of age who are high school drop outs with felony convictions, or those who have served time in prison and consequently have little hope for the future.  HELP aims to aid and guide these individuals out of poverty, dangerous environments, and possible homelessness. HELP is designed to address systemic issues of chronic poverty and low educational achievements, while simultaneously addressing cycles of criminal activities and non-employment.

The HELP Program empowers individuals to change the course of their lives through counseling, training, mentoring, legal assistance, and job placement. We require leadership training and advocacy for policy change from every member.  HELP serves members of the Cincinnati Community who have demonstrated potential and are in need of assistance to move beyond their perceived limitations.  HELP strives to counter these men and women’s disconnection with community resources, lack of personal and social skills, educational deficiencies and perceived and real challenges.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the HELP Program.  HELP is dedicated to reclaiming the lives of young men affected by the criminal justice system.  Please explore our website.  We hope this is the first step in building a partnership between you and our organization.

Revised: March 2014

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